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New Cat wheel loaders

The latest wheel loaders from Caterpillar, the 950K and 962K, beneft from engines certfed as meetng EU Stage IIIB emissions standards. Such engines are general ly recognised as delivering more power and improved fuel efciency.

The 950K and 962K share the new Cat C7.1 ACERT engine providing net power of 157 kW in the 950K and 165 kW in the 962K. Bucket capacity ranges from 2.50 to 9.20 m³.

For additional versatility, both machines can be equipped with a Cat Fusion coupler and

a variety of work tools, making them ideal for constructon, aggregates, forestry, industrial and other material-handling applicatons. The new K Series loaders replace their H Series predecessors.

New cab

Getng in and out of the cab is made easier with new steps that have a greater inclinaton angle. The new cab has a wider door opening, well-placed grab bars and a new front-hinged door that can be opened and closed while seated. Windows to either side can be opened and closed with one hand making it easier to communicate with people on the ground.

A streamlined ROPS design with the operator positon moved slightly forward improves overall visibility to the front and sides, while a standard rear-view camera with large colour monitor allows the operator to clearly see visibility what is behind the machine.

To reduce vibrations and noise, the cab is on new viscous mounts. Large easy-to-use displays allow for setting operatng parameters and seeing critc machine informaton. The use of ‘simulated’ analogue gauges is a positve move. These gauges are much easier to understand than a digital number.

The proven Z-bar linkage has been slightly modifed for optmum performance with coupler and work tools

Development of the new Z-bar linkage was done in conjuncton with the Fusion bucket coupler and family of work tools to ensure that all components functon together to optmize visibility, performance and fuel efciency.

The K Series wheel loaders retain the one-piece tltng hood introduced with the G Series. However, the rear porton of the hood now incorporates a clamshell design that allows quick access to the engine oil dipstck, oil fll, fuel fll and cooler cores for cleaning.

. . . and upgraded skid steer loaders

Caterpillar recently updated its range of Skid Steer Loaders and Multi Terrain Loaders from B2 to B3 series with many significant product enhancements. At the same time Caterpillar also introduced a new Compact Track Loader (CTL), the 259B3 which features an independent, fully suspended, steel undercarriage, aggressive steel embedded rubber tracks, powerful hydraulics and refned operator ’s cab to provide a durable, versatile machine able to work in poor soils and harsh environments. The versatility of the 242B3, 257B3 and 259B3 will benefit from the introduction of optional High Flow hydraulics which provides approximately 40% more Hydraulic HP over the 83 l/min standard flow system. The High Flow auxiliary system supplies industry leading oil flow up to 117 l/min at pressures to 23 000 kPa – generating a calculated hydraulic-horsepower rating of 45 kW.

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