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New dampers, together result in vibration levels lower by as much as 30% when travelling and 50% when digging.

The two models have a maximum bucket capacity of 0.31 m³ and a max imum digging depth of 7,170  mm. Maximum forward reach is 10,350 mm and maximum dump height is 7,170 mm (but will vary according to boom confguraton).

Bobcat upgrades mini-excavators

Bobcat is now promotng the 2.6 t zero tail swing mini-excavator in the UK and Ireland. The E26 has changed litle from that seen in the USA earlier in the year except for minor changes to comply with the diferent regulatons.

As a result of increased stability, it does not require an additonal counterweight when confgured with the optonal long dipperstck. This increases the working range while maintaining the zero-tail swing beneft. With a transport weight of 2,700 kg, it is easily transported by trailer (maximum towable weight, including trailer: 3.5 tonnes).

It benefts from the same cab used on the Bobcat excavator larger models in the 3-5 tonne segment which gives it an exceptonal cab for a machine of this size. The cab ofers the highest comfort, visibility and space standards, with heatng and radio/MP3 readiness as standard.

The E26 is designed to ofer the operator a full 360° view around the machine with full sight of the right track and the rear of the cab. Relocatng the wiper motor to the lower front window and reducing the size of the front window cross-member secton to a minimum, visibility is further enhanced.

It is powered by a 15.5 kW Kubota diesel engine which benefts from a new air intake, cooling and exhaust system to reduce noise for both the operator and bystanders.

A new feature is the auto-shif travel motor allowing the machine to shif automatcally from low to high speed and vice-versa, giving excellent travel performance in all working conditons. The operator can also actvate this feature by pushing the buton on top of the blade control lever.

Superb digging performance

With new main control valve, an optimised pump and a higher working pressure, the hydraulic system on the mini-excavator is in-line with engine power for operatng efciency. Bobcat says the higher relief pressure of the hydraulic system gives the highest digging forces and lifing capacites in its class.

Bobcat’s new E26 mini-excavator is a powerful machine for its size and yet easily transported from site to site.

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Page 26 - vwuk-1-7

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