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New eco-friendly Kobelco G-Series cranes for UK & Ireland

The latest models from Kobelco are now available in the UK and Ireland. The G-Series crawler cranes were introduced at ConExpo in the USA earlier this year.

Apart from meeting mandatory emission regulations, the new series promise to deliver more power and higher performance while maintaining environmental qualities. Lifting capacity extends from 60 t @ 3 m and maximum boom length of 51.8  m with the CKE600G up to a lifing capacity of 250 t @ 4.6 m and a maximum boom length of 91.4 m with the CKE2500G.

All models ofer a range of diferent jib confguratons and other opton to allow the cranes to quickly change from lifing to pile driving and use as a dragline.

As if to emphasise Kobelco’s concern for the environment, when used in almost any situaton, the G-Series has 3 new functons for conserving energy called G-mode.

Designed for operating efficiency

With the G-mode functions, Kobelco claim a fuel reduction of as much as 25%. It also means that there is a 25% reducton in emissions. While Carbon Dioxide (CO


) emissions are lower by 25%, NO


emission are reduced by up to 50%.

These significant savings are achieved with such features as AIS, which, when selected, will automatcally stop the engine afer idling for approximately 10 seconds.

Power is provided by an appropriated sized HINO diesel engine. All engines are in full compliance for EU Stage IIIB directves.

Kobelco estmate that the Hino engine reduces partcle emissions by almost 90% compared to cranes equipped with current conventonal EUR Stage IIIA Engines.

New and improved features

The latest series has many other enhancements in additon to the engine and hydraulics. The operator now benefts for a well-appointed and more spacious cab.

A new, larger, colour touch-screen monitor with pictograms allows the operator to change setng quickly and simply. The mult-functon display unit also keeps the operator informed of critcal crane data and safe operaton. By integratng load moment indicator and machine conditon indicator into one unit makes it easy for the operator to see all essental crane operatng data.

Transport and assembly

For eas i er t ranspor t i ng , the base machine of the CKE1100G, CKE1350G and CKE2500G models is within 3 m transport width and weigh no more than 45 t, and are equipped with self-installing systems for counterweight, crawlers and lower boom assembly. All models feature a ‘nested’ boom that allows the luffing insert jib to be stored in the middle boom. The base now features a folding axle extension adaptor in place of the old system in which the extensions had to be removed and shipped separately.

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