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“Don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

Safety spot-checks on the rise for the construction sector

It is not only the ‘cowboys’ in the industry that need to be warned - the sooner we can get companies that have no respect for health and safety closed down the beter for the whole industry.

Even the most health and safety conscious companies cannot monitor every site constantly and, of course, no company can guarantee that all workers on site abide by the rules, because human nature all to ofen says “That couldn’t happen to me.” Many of us will have witnessed things being done out of sight of the site manager.

The sooner everyone on a worksite realises that this is inherently a very dangerous place in which you need to have 360° vision in all directons. We will never eradicate ‘accidents’ because, by defniton, an accident is an unforeseen incident. So lets begin by eliminatng unsafe working practces.

Constructon companies are being urged to ensure they are meetng their health and safety obligatons in the wake of an ofcial crackdown on unsafe building sites.

Shropshire-based health and safety consultancy, Building Trust in Safety Ltd, has warned frms that the Health and Safety Executive is stepping up the number of random spot-checks it carries out in a bid to stamp out poor working practces throughout the industry.

Under the clampdown, safety inspectors are able to turn up on site unannounced, and demand to check that all necessary precautions have been put in place to minimise a variety of potential risks, including working at height, exposure to asbestos and other harmful materials, and preventng slips, trips and falls.

Ruth Ross, Managing Director of Building Trust in Safety, revealed: “The constructon sector employs around two million workers natonwide, yet it remains one of the country’s most dangerous industries. Fify workers died in fatal accidents last year, with thousands more sufering serious injuries, while more than 2.5 million working days were lost due to sickness or ill-health.

“In such challenging economic circumstances, some constructon companies may be tempted to put profts before health and safety by trying to cut corners. With the increase in random safety inspectons, the likelihood is that they are now going to get caught out, which could lead to hefy fnes for noncompliance.”

To help constructon companies make sure they are providing a safe environment for their workforce, Building Trust in Safety is invitng local frms to take advantage of its free safety audit service, which will help them to develop and deliver a comprehensive acton plan so that they meet all necessary legal policies and procedures.

“Many of the tragic accidents that occur on building sites can be avoided by taking simple precautons, and our audit is an easy way to put the necessary preventatve measures in place.

Photo: XF Law

Managing Director of Building Trust in Safety

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