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pre-use inspecton checks have been carried out. If an operator needs to leave a machine, even for a short period, a simple swipe of the card across the Infobric unit locks the machine untl reactvated by another swipe of the card. Main contractors and sub contractors can provide sole access or multi user access to a machine by designating who they want to operate a partcular machine.

Not only does the system show who has used a machine but it also shows who may have tried to use it without authorisation – this feature provides additional security for the site. An additonal beneft to contractors is the ability to

monitor actual machine usage by all sub contractors on a site where the machine is part of a ‘general usage’ feet. The good news is Contractors World understands that this is a retroft opton so is not restricted to new machines and is not only applicable to MWEPs.

A flexible security solution

The AFI Smart Zone usage is not restricted to MEWPs. It can be adapted for virtually any security requirements - fuel bowsers, store depots, working zones or the complete site. As part of an overall site management soluton, it can, for

example, control access to the site as a whole where the Smart Cards and Infobric card reader ts can be set up to control turnstles and access gates, which can all be covered by CCTV. Already, a number of the card readers have been fitted to machines working on the nstructon of a catering village which will serve 60,000 meals a day to journalists visitng the rillion Media Hub in London. The catering village is being built by Premier Interlink and fted ut by their sub contractors SJP Contracts.

Sean Rath, Carillion Integrated Management Systems Adviser, said: “The potental of the ystem is endless. For example, if a MEWP operator goes from oneCarillion site to another we could use the system to check with the database that he has had he familiarisaton training for the machines he would be operatng n the next site. We can also keep a log of all the training that he’s completed on a site, such as behavioural safety training.”

“The main benefit of this system to Carillion is to prevent unauthorised use. We have 250 MEWPs at work on the Media Hub and the Smart Zone system can prevent unauthorised use of any machine it’s fted on. There have been incidents throughout the UK where people have been hit by a machine or a vehicle that was being driven by someone who was not authorised to use it,” he added.

Andrew Baulch, of SJP Contracts, one of the frst powered access machine operators in the UK to use the Smart Zone system said “The system is fantastc because no-one else can use your machine. It’s not unusual when you are working on a site with other companies around y o u f o r someone to use your machine when you’re not there.”

Those comments were echoed by SJP Contracts Director Mark Pniewski, who said: “When you are hiring plant you don’t want someone from another company using your machine and diesel, possibly damaging it and risking injury to themselves and other people because they have not had the training required to operate it. This new system will prevent this type of thing happening, so it can only be good for the industry.”

Dave Denton, Premier Interlink Project Manager, also welcomed the security benefts of the Smart Zone system, “The most excitng aspect of this system is that when we leave a machine overnight or during a weekend, we know that no-one else will be using it. We will certainly be looking at rolling this out to other sites natonally,” he said.

Austin Baker, Director of AFI’s Health, Safety and Environmental Quality (HSEQ) Department, said: “AFI is delighted with the positve feedback we have received about the

AFI machines working on the constructon of the

catering village.

Sean Rath, Carillion Integrated Management Systems Adviser,

Dave Denton, Premier Interlink Project Manager

SJP Contracts Director Mark Pniewski

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Page 18 - vwuk-1-7

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