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It does not mater how much regulaton there is to prevent accidents related to working at height - partcularly aerial work platorms, without proper training and site safety procedures such regulatons are meaningless. Therefore, any company that highlights the risk and introduces initatves to, at the very least, reduce the number of fatalites and serious injuries has to be applauded.

Contractors World is pleased to announce not one, but two such initatves from a leader in the aerial work platorm hire industry.

AFI-Uplift launches two major construction site-safety initiatives

Powered access machine rental specialist, AFI-Uplift has launched two major initiatives to bring far reaching improvements to safety for operators of Mobile Elevatng Work Platorms (MEWPs). The company is hoping to reduce deaths and injuries by adoptng two key approaches.

Firstly, it is introducing SMART ZONE, a smart card reader system that will stop unauthorised use of MEWPs. This means main contractors and sub contractors can ensure that the only people properly trained and authorised to do can start up and operate a MEWP.

Secondly, once someone is operatng a MEWP, AFI wants to protect those in the platorm from being crushed against overhead obstructons – one of the main causes of death and serious injury in the powered access industry. The company has launched the SANCTUARY ZONE to address this area of concern.

Trials are positive about Smart Zone

The Smart Zone system has received very positive feedback from the four companies involved in its trials. The new system, being introduced by AFI in associaton with Infobric, is a frst for the UK powered access industry. It will enable contractors to have signifcantly more control over who operates what type of MEWPs on their sites.

In essence, it means that only those people who have received accredited operator training for the specifc machine type in queston will be able to operate that machine. However, the card, unlike fngerprint reading devices, could stll be used by someone who ‘borrows’ the card and therefore it stll has to be properly managed via training.

Contractors World has been told that there is the opton to ‘upgrade’ to fngerprint identfcaton which does prevent unauthorised use, and, as the system records usage, in the event of ‘inappropriate use’ the IPAF card holder who abused the systems by allowing others to use his card can be identfed.

IPAF has been working closely with AFI on the launch of the system, and operators who are authorised by site managers for partcular machines will be given prototypes of IPAF’s smart PAL Card containing their details.

To unlock the machine, the operator swipes the card across an Infobric unit, mounted on the machine. In a further safety measure, there is a customer opton for the machine stll not to unlock untl the operator has confrmed that the

An operator swipes a prototype of IPAF’s smart PAL Card over the Infobric unit to

operate the machine.

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