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2011 Volume 1 Issue 7
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 • Seddon and Viaduct Housing Partnership building for the future.

 • GT Access Takes UKs First 15 m Hinowa Booms
 • Snorkel UK Appoints PLP Lift Trucks As Regional Dealer
 • A-Plant to Merge Lion Trackhire and Eve under New Name
 • Lendlease have renewed their framework agreement with Human Recognition Systems.
 • RPS Appointed for GWR Exeter Depot Expansion




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Cat 324E with 145 kW and, weighing between 28,717 kg

Manufacturers launch new products
in time for the ‘buying season’

The past few weeks has seen significant new announcements from Caterpillar, New Holland, Bobcat, Doosan and more

Latest in Cat excavators

The leader of the pack, Caterpillar, who has announced new excavators, started delivering into UK, mini-excavators announced a few months ago

At the larger end, Caterpillar has introduced 4 new models. The 336E with a net power rating of 236 kW (an 11% increase and 4% faster cycle time while improving fuel efficiency); the 349E delivering 317 kW net horsepower, which is more than the 345D that it replaces; the 25,127 kg - 29,859 kg, 324E with 145 kW and, weighing between 28,717 kg and 31,639 kg, the 329E, with an output of 173 kW.

The new excavators visually look completely different. This is because of the additional space that has had to be found in the engine compartment for the filters, cooling and after-treatment modules that the new engines require. This give the excavators a ‘boxy’ characteristic reminiscent of some early day designs. All manufacturers have the same problem.

   The latest engines use an ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD) or a blend of ULSD and 20% biodiesel fuel and feature an automatic regeneration system to remove accumulated particulate matter.

A common feature to the new engines is great output with less fuel but to benefit from this hydraulic systems need to be optimised and in communication with the engine management systems.

Cat 324E - The larger engine compartment. necessary for the additional filters and engine after-tratemtn mdeuls, gives the new excavators a buck more boxy look    The Cat excavators have ‘one-touch’ idle control and an engine shut down setting via the monitor control panel which effectively stops the engine after it has idled for a pre-set time.

The larger engine compartment. necessary for the additional filters and engine after-treatment modules, gives the new excavators a buck more boxy look

Another feature is improved load sensing to deliver power when and where its required. An economy mode maintains a constant engine speed regardless of load - a useful option in many truck loading applications.

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