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Ancient ship goes full steam ahead with Nationwide Platforms

The world’s sixth oldest ship has had new life breathed into it with a striking unicorn figurehead thanks to the maximum 11.20 m horizontal outreach of a Nationwide Platorms boom lif.

HMS Unicorn was launched in 1824 and is open to the public in Dundee’s Victoria Dock where it has pride of place as the only warship preserved in Scotland.

Nationwide Platforms was enlisted to install the HMS Unicorn’s spare figurehead ahead of it embarking on a journey to take centre stage at the famous Royal Edinburgh Military Tatoo.

Work to install the fibreglass figurehead on HMS Unicorn’s beakhead, which replaced another version, was completed by a Genie S45 from Nationwide Platforms’ Dundee Depot.

Accessing the ship from the dockside, workers used the full reach of the platform to access the ship straight over the water, immediately overcoming a major obstacle in the working environment.

The workers also took advantage of the machine’s tilted jib, which allowed them to move with even more precision during the change-over process by specifcally controlling the height, angle and movement of the basket from which they were working.

Roderick Stewart, Operatons Director from the Unicorn Preservaton Society, spoke glowingly in his praise of the capabilites of Natonwide Platorms’ machine.

“The fgurehead of a sailing ship is a very complicated shape and not easily accessible,” he said. “The platorm allowed very fexible access, with the operator able to adjust his positon by centmetres as required.

He continued: “I’d never used a Nationwide Platforms machine before and was hugely impressed by the overall capability. We were delighted with the company’s assistance in this unusual operaton.”

Following the success of Natonwide Platorms’ powered access soluton, this year’s Royal Edinburgh Military Tatoo, which features the Royal Navy recreatng a Trafalgar period gunnery demonstraton each night, will see the HMS Unicorn represented on the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade.

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Page 5 - cw--2-8

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