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Editorial Comment

As I wrap up another issue of the only free to read magazine for the construction industry covering UK and Ireland I have read of in increasing number of accidents within the industry, which I will look into for the next issue.

If the figures are true one has to ask “Why?” given al l the Health and Safety regulations and the very high standards imposed by most contractors today. Some actually argue that H&S regulations are too strict and actually can create an accident. But accidents will always happen, it is the nature of the industry, but the increasing number of deaths, mainly from falling, are another thing?

What is it? Is it untrained people on the black market? Unscrupulous builders cutng corners - and as my good friend, Lee Sparrow in Cranes & Access frequently shows, people still do the most stupid of things to gain access. I shall investgate and see if there are specifc areas. These incidents are totally unacceptable.

Helping the victims of accidents

Which bring me neatly to the good work the Lighthouse Club contnues to do. I wonder if Edward Ward MBE, founder ever envisaged its growth. If you mail each morning contains as many begging leters from various charites as mine, it is easy to become immune to the needs.

Working in the constructon industry is dangerous - it the very nature of the industry. Accidents will happen and while we can all do our best to eliminate them, is it not reassuring to know that, in the event of an accident that causes hardship to an employee and family, there is a charity that not only will help, but actually wants to help.

I know from my interviews with company executves that most companies have a scheme to support one charity or another. I am not going to ask anyone to stop supporting these worthy charities - international or very local. But please consider the Lighthouse Club. Fortunately, most of us will never need their assistance . . . but you can never tell.

I shall be ever grateful to the Chartered Institute of Marketing, of which I am a member, whose benevolent fund helped my family when, through a suddenly illness, I was unable to work for a long period of tme. Without their interventon we could have lost everything.

As the National Lottery keeps telling us

. . . it could be you!

Please click here to lend your support.

You can read the good works that the Lighthouse Club is doing in their latest newsleter which Contractors World magazine are pleased to make available in a digital format for all to read.

NB: Apologies for fewer reports on new products. Manufacturers must have been on holiday!

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