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I n an ef for t to compres s as much as possible in to compact and mini -excavators, servicing was becoming an issue due to the difficulty in accessing service components. As wi th other manufacturers, Bobcat has in recent years addressed this issue and, as the E55 shows, access through the wide opening tailgate and sidegate simplifies routine maintenance and, thereby, reduces downtime. There is easy access to all service components such as filters, the batery and radiator as well as centralised grease points.

The air conditioning condenser and hydraulic cooler can be easily separated for cleaning purposes, without need for tools. Auto-tension belts help to reduce maintenance needs. An electronically controlled engine and hydraulic system monitor automatically shut down the machine in the event of a problem.

The counterweight, tailgate and sidegate can be removed easily for unlimited access. The fuel fll point, tailgate and storage compartment under the seat are all lockable. Another security feature is the batery disconnect switch.

For more informaton: Bobcat E55

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Bobcat E55 compact excavator

Operat ing weight wi th cab, rubber tracks and 600 mm bucket:

5501 kg

Digging depth: 3923 mm

Dump height: 4179 mm

Reach at ground level: 6083 mm

Maximum travel speed (low range / high range):

3.1 km/h / 5.0 km/h

Auxiliary hydraulic fow: 75.7 l/min

Track width: 400 mm

Engine Make / Model:

4-cylinder Kubota

V2403-M-DI-TE3B-BC-4 Tier III diesel

Maximum net power at 2200 rpm (SAE J1349)

35.4 kW

Height (cab): 2541 mm

Width: 1960 mm

Specifcatons are given for guidance only and are subject to change

in design and according to confguraton.

Aardvark largest agricultural tractor mounted rock wheel trencher

Claimed to be the largest in the world, the latest introduction for Aardvark is the 5,250 kg RWT125 agricultural tractor mounted, PTO drive, rock trencher.

D e v e l o p e d e s p e c i a l l y f o r the expanding f ibre optic cable installaton market, but also suitable for the laying of water supply & drainage pipes, photovoltaic array & windfarm cabling systems plus a host of other trenching tasks in the constructon & utlity industries.

The machine is an additon to the RWT 75 and RWT 100 models and is designed to complement the product range and fll the gap for larger wheel trenchers suitable for use with higher horse power modern farm tractors. The machine works trenches from 60 mm to 225 mm wide and up to 1,275 mm deep.

It is capable of forward working speeds of 100 - 300 metres per hour, depending on trench width and geological strata.

Linkage is via Cat III & Cat IV narrow to a modern European high horse power (>240 hp), high lif (>10,500 kg), capacity tractor with vario transmission as a prime mover.

Carbide tp cutng speed 650 metres/minute at 1000 r.p.m. P.T.O. speed.

For more informaton: Aardvark Equipment Ltd

Page 29 - cw--2-8

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