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territory’ and they can usually laugh it of. But visitors using their precious tme and exhibitors investng in the stands will not accept lengthy queues, ‘systems’ failures, or what has become what many consider the scourge of many exhibitons - namely rip-of charges for parking, entrance and hospitality.

“Having been involved in stand planning for ConExpo where ALL catering has to be through Aramark who has a monopoly, and, as a result, the costs are exorbitant because exhibitors have no choice but to pay for it if they want to ofer food and beverages. Exhibitors are not allowed to take in any food or beverages - including water.

“Plantworx organiser know this. There is no entrance charge. No car parking fee and, Contractors World is assured, a critical eye will be kept on both the quality of cost of hospitality by the various service providers.”

The Organisers may think that 2 years to plan and stage an event is a long time, but this is a totally new venture, with a new team (although with many years experience in such events) and a new, albeit proven, 100,000 m² venue. As if this is not enough, the industry is fghtng its way through one of the toughest economic tmes it has ever experienced. This is further compounded by it being a global situaton.

To date, as the comments from the key stand companies show, Plantworx appear to be promising on delivery with some innovative thinking to ensure that exhibitors get maximum exposure to visitors atending.

With this first phase now completed, the sales teams can begin to actvely promote the rest of the stand areas. Contractors World will try to keep you informed of companies signing up and other informaton as it becomes available.

The event is scheduled for 14, 15, 16 May 2013 at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire.

For more informaton: Plantworx

Scott Freeman UK/ROI Business Director for Case Construction and New Holland Construction Equipment

“Unfortunately I was unable to attend the event due to other commitments, however I can confirm that on behalf of New Holland Construction and Case Construction we are happy with the location of the stands. The involvement of the industry by the Plantworx team is also encouraging and we look forward to the premier event.”

Alan Batty,

Managing Director, BOMAG (GB) Limited

“Plantworx is shaping up well and we’re very pleased with our alloted stand locaton, afer the draw last week. Having got the support of all the major players in the market the organisers can now turn their attention to ensuring that we have an excellent turn out of visitors from all corners of the UK.”



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Aerial view of Stoneleigh Park - an existng event ground with proven ability to handle large number of visitors.

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