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and Delboy lef the stage and mingled amongst the crowd clutching a green velvet bag each, which contained the No-Dig plots and companies. Gemma Sharpe, PLANTWORX marketing manager, delved deep and pulled out plot J. Dave Chuck pulled Bomag out of the other bag. Manitou was next and was allocated plot K. Manitou’s Ivor Binns was rather amused at Patsy’s pronunciaton – “money too!”

Last, but by no means least, Merlo was drawn and allocated plot L. Merlo’s Glyn Stanton, received a huge kiss from Patsy and was congratulated for making such wonderful wine!

With the formal proceeding over the evening then lapsed into the party with Patsy and Delboy entertaining the guests.

Positive feedback

Feedback from the guests was really positve. Rick Stll, Hyundai’s regional sales manager for UK and Ireland, was at the event and one of the participants in the draw, he said, “We are absolutely delighted with our position on the showground. Hyundai, JCB, Volvo and Case – are all big compettors and this draw and working together on shaping the show really demonstrates the spirit of the event and PLANTWORX is delivering what it said it would - an event for the industry by the industry.” Rick concluded, “The evening was superbly organised and there was a perfect balance between business and fun.”

Mer lo’s sales manager, Glyn Stanton, was also equal ly complimentary about the evening, “What a fun way to start off the most important event in the UK construction calendar. We are pleased with the layout, it’s logical and the draw was fair. PLANTWORX has given everybody the opportunity to do what they do best – and that’s business. Also the coming together of exhibitors and organisers to work on something together is unique and a recipe for a successful and well atended show.”

The CPA (Construction Plant Hire Association) attended the event and will also be exhibitng at the show in 2013.

Haydn Steele, the CPA’s health & safety manager said, “What a very successful launch and the exhibitors in the draw all appear to be extremely happy with their plots. It really was an enjoyable process and a great way to launch PLANTWORX, which I see as a show for the future and something this industry desperately needs. The CPA is really looking forward to exhibitng at the show in 2013 and following its progress leading up to the show.”

Contractors World - media partner

Contractors World magazines are a media partner to PLANTWORX and is in constant contact with the team and will be reportng on the build up to the event which will be upon us much quicker than we think.

Roger Lindley, Publisher/Editor of Contractors World Magazines said “Having been involved with the Plantworx team from the beginning, it is refreshing to see an event being organised not to a predetermined rule book but around feedback from potential exhibitors AND visitors. Both had some serious reservatons afer experiencing SED when it moved to Rockingham. The industry is not very forgiving when an event goes seriously wrong and I think that Plantworx fully appreciate that fact.

“Everyone complains when their cars get stuck in the parking area because of heavy rains, but accept this as ‘going with the

Companies respond to the event and the organisation

JCB UK and Ireland Sales Director Yvette Henshall-Bell

“We are delighted with the position JCB has drawn at Plantworx and look forward to the frst show in 2013.”

Volvo UK, Mark Gunns, Marketing Services Manager

“We are extremely happy with the stand position and the approach that Plantworx is taking in involving the industry. We are looking forward very much to the event.”

Manitou UK Ltd Ivor Binns, CEO

“Mani tou UK L imi ted i s pleased to be associated with the new construction e v e n t i n i t i a t i v e f o r

2013, Plantworx. The new show provides the construction industry with the opportunity to showcase their equipment in both a statc and demonstraton environment and is ideally located in the Midlands with excellent transport connectons.

“The Plantworx stand draw was a great success for al l involved, adding a bit of ‘show business’ to the build up to the event. Manitou are delighted with our stand locaton in the ‘No Dig’ zone, it could not have been better for us as it would have been our first choice selecton. It is important to note that the Stand Draw was undertaken in a totally fair and transparent manner, in keeping with the ethos of the show to deliver an event for the industry by the industry.”

Page 25 - cw--2-8

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