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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 1 No 6

encouraging material to break along natural cleavage planes, thus producing stress free, cubical shaped products. This has proved to be particularly pertinent at Blashford as it counteracts gravels tendency to be of a rounded shape afer crushing.

The VSI Tarmac installed was the Sandvik CV216 primarily designed to operate as a third or fourth stage crusher, proving it to be ideal for Tarmac’s manufactured sand application. In additon Sandvik’s patented autogenous “rock on rock” crushing technique results in several major advantages in the production of manufactured sand, with perhaps the most important for Tarmac being the consistently cubical product shape.

Product gradation remains constant even as rotor wear-parts wear, thus ensuring that contamination rates are extremely low as no wear parts are used to directly crush the rock.

The new crusher has seamlessly fitted into the production process at Tarmac’s Blashford quarry, where the feed material is initally screened afer primary and secondary crushing in order to eliminate -10 mm and +70 mm materials. It is then washed to remove any existng containments such as clay or lignite, before the remaining 10-70 mm material is fed into the CV216.

The fnal sand product not only possesses the desired cubical shaped propertes, but is also very clean and ready to use in the manufacture of cement.

Operating efficiency

Tarmac also looked at the operatng efciency of the new crusher. The design and patented features of the crusher result in up to 20% of the maximum crusher throughput can be efectvely handled through the Bi-Flow system, producing a signifcant saving in electricity costs and lowering Tarmac’s CO 2 -emissions per ton.

For more informaton: Tarmac Sand & Aggregate

Sandvik CV216 Crusher

Liebherr Up For Grabs at Recycling Centre

J. Dickinson & Sons (Horwich) Limited has just taken delivery of two specialist materials handlers from Liebherr - an A 924 C Litronic and an R 906 Advanced Litronic – the later believed to be the frst of this model in the UK to feature an hydraulically elevatng cab.

J. Dickinson & Sons,a family-owned company, operates from a 17 acres site from where they ofer skip hire, waste recycling and reclamaton, machine hire and specialist movements. The recycling operations includes shredding, crushing and screening and the faci l ities include an impressive 50 m long picking station to produce clean recyclables such as secondary aggregates, scrap metals, board, paper, plastics, wood, green waste etc. The state-of-the-art recycl ing station is capable of processing up to 200 tonnes per hour of incoming wastestream. The two new Liebherr materials handlers are already hard at work loading the recycling plant, crushing and screening plants, stockpiling and carrying out general dutes throughout the busy site.

For more informaton: Liebherr

material handlers

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