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EWD Expands Processing Capacity With Finlay Plant Southern

Eastern Waste Disposal Ltd has turned to Finlay Plant Southern to provide screening power to convert shredded wood waste into a product to fuel electricity generaton. A new Terex Finlay 693+ screener has been introduced to the company’s site in Brightlingsea, near Colchester, to deliver a high capacity method of converting the waste material into a product suitable for incineraton.

Supplied by Finlay Plant Southern the machine has a key role at Eastern Waste Disposal Ltd (EWD), a family-owned and run business, which offers a comprehensive range of waste disposal and waste recycling services across the East of England for industrial and domestic outlets.

The screener ofers a large scale 20’ x 5’ screening area on both decks, enabling a high throughput at maximum efciency, with an output of 0-8 mm, 8-100 mm and +100 mm products.

Material sized 8-100 mm is sold for incineraton, where it is used in furnaces to create electricity. The +100 mm oversize goes back to the raw feed to be re-shredded, leaving only the 0-8 mm dust as a waste product.

For more informaton: Terex Finlay 693+ screener


New crusher for Breedon Aggregates

One strategical ly important quarry in the supply of high quality aggregates is at Leaton, near Wellington in Shropshire, where it fulfils a key role as the only quarry supplying hard rock products to the Breedon Aggregates group in England. The 52 hectare site, possesses some seven million tonnes of reserves and currently supplies Breedon Aggregates plants with Olivine Dolerite

The Leaton quarry operates on six levels each of 14 metres, the lowest of which has now reached the water table and has to be pumped. Material is currently extracted by blasting, although this has to be done carefully due to folding of the rock beds, which has resulted in some lying at 45° and some almost vertcally. Producton of the material at the quarry is maximised by the use of two Sandvik track-mounted mobile cone crushers. These crushers form part of two MCTs (mobile crushing trains) supplementng producton from the statc plant.

Both crushers are fed with minus 150 mm primary crushed “all in” material with one machine set up to produce sub-base and the other operatng with a pair of mobile screens producing single sizes in the range of dust, 6, 10, 14 and 20 mm products.

Weighing in at 43 tonnes, the crushers are built around a Sandvik CH440 cone crusher that delivers the optmum combinaton of throughput and product shape.

The ease of operation of the two Sandvik crushers has been a key element in the success of the machines. However, it has been their ability to easily produce a range of material grades that has really made them essential parts of the producton process.

Breedon have noted that the Sandvik machines are producing four different products to a very high quality standard at a rate of approximately 270 tonnes per hour - sometmes working from 5 am untl 11 pm.

For more informaton: Sandvik Crushers

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Two new Sandvik mobile crushers meet the producton

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