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osan Loader and

cavator at York Recycling

k Recycling (Processing) Limited, based at ne near York in North Yorkshire, has taken livery of a new Doosan DL300 wheel loader nd DX225LC crawler excavator from local oosan dealer, Stockton-based Constructon Plant (Suppliers) Ltd.

At the company’s Materials Recycling ort and process consumer and industrial w aste, constructon and demoliton debris, soil, wood and many other materials. As well as general material handling applicatons, the DL300 wheel loader was purchased to meet the requirements for a new contract won by York Recycling for processing ‘frag waste’, the post-shredder output from shredding cars comprising a mixture of metals, plastcs, textles and other materials.

Among the other materials is approximately 12 kg of earth trapped in the base of every shredded car and York Recycling extracts this soil by loading the frag waste into a trommel, where it is separated from the other components in the waste. The recovered soil is perfect for use as lining and capping material for the landfll sites run by the company.

Impressive Local Record

Alf Buckton, Site Manager at York Recycling’s Alne Materials Recycling Facility, said: “Several companies we work with in the area run Doosan products and we have always had good reports on their experiences and on the performance of the machines. We needed a dependable wheel loader for the new frag waste contract together with a new general purpose excavator and both the wheel loader and excavator have proved to be ideal choices.”

Under the supervision of Site Foreman, Robin Cockerill, the frag waste contract requires the wheel loader to work contnuously all day loading the trommel. The 18.1 tonne DL300 works with a 3.2 m³

For more informaton: • Doosan wheel loaders or excavators

New welfare vans for JN Bentley

JN Bentley has taken delivery of three brand new bespoke welfare vans to add to its feet of vehicles, plant and equipment.

Facilities onboard the Ford Transit Welfare Vans include hot and cold running water, a microwave, fridge, water boiler, a fush toilet and warm-air heatng, on top of the typical features of a JN Bentley van.

The standard welfare vans on the market didn’t fit the company’s requirements so JN Bentley has worked with its supply chain to develop this unique layout inside the vehicles.

The vehicles will be deployed to projects where staff will only be on site for a few days at a tme, and are initally being used on a series of small pumping staton schemes across Yorkshire.

The major advantage of the vans is their fexibility. Whereas in the past welfare cabins had to be transported to and from these smaller and ofen rural sites, now the welfare vans (that ofer the same facilites as these cabins) can arrive and depart site instantly.

This improves the standard of welfare for employees on site, makes establishing the sites a lot more efcient, and provides substantal cost savings too.

For more informaton: JN Bentley

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