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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 1 No 5

Weightron introduce latest weighbridge technology

The Diade 2050 PC based driver-operated we i g h b r i d g e t e r m i n a l , W i nwe i g h IV sof tware and per i phera l cont ro l equipment simplifes data collecton, data management, site security and vehicle logistcs.

The company says that unlike some modular compet i t i ve uni ts , the new product i s a robust ful l y integrated control terminal that has been specifcally designed for driver operated installatons.

It features a large, high resoluton, interactve touch screen with intuitve pictograms and voice actvaton capability. The unit can be easily programmed to provide the unique needs of specifc applicatons. The 2050 has a built in printer and can be used with a range of security/access card technologies.

Winweigh IV can be integrated together with a diverse range of peripheral equipment including automatc number plate recognition systems, control barriers, electronic signature pads, radiation detection systems and card readers. Further integraton is also possible with management sofware packages, such as SAP, J D Edwards, Navision and Sage. This introducton will be on display at RWM

Wireless technology is the answer

Weightron had to overcome a tricky on-site data management problem during the installaton of a 15 metre surface mounted, 50 tonne capacity digital, Eurodeck at Premier Foods Internatonal’s site in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.

The Eurodeck, which is fted with CPD digital load cells, has replaced a mechanical weighbridge at another part of the site. Initally Premier considered updatng this mechanical unit with an electronic weighbridge, but given the current site logistcal layout, the locaton was not considered ideal.

However, moving the weighbridge to a more convenient part of the site presented its own problems. Although local power was available close to the new proposed weighbridge locaton, laying cables to transmit data between the weighbridge and the gate house where the D800 weight indicator was to be installed, would have required expensive and disruptve civil works involving digging a 40 m trench across the concrete yard.

To overcome these problems Weightron engineers came up with the ideal soluton based on the company’s weights and measures approved DIZIG/IP radio transmission system, in conjuncton with their DILink digital juncton box mounted at the weighbridge.

The wireless system’s transmiter, located up on the building adjacent to the weighbridge, sends data from the DILink

to the receiver located at the gate house.

For more informaton: • Weightron Bilanciai

New concept in temporary lighting from SMC

SMC Light and Power has introduced the ‘Portable Temporary Lightng Kit - a highly portable, yet highly

efectve lightng soluton together with a new lightng source - Lumaphone 640 The stand-alone version comprises a

two wheel carrier (with infatable tyres) complete with manual telescopic mast, one ‘lumaphone 640’ providing 640 W illuminaton , three retractable stabilizers, cover and one support for the energy source - generator or battery pack. The telescopic mast can raise the light unit to 4 m maximum of 4 m.

The system can be easily modifed and is compatble with other SMC systems

For more informaton: • SMC Light & Power

Site Equipment

Page 24 - cwuk-1-5-interactive

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