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• Tiltng cab with increased service access • Multfuncton joystcks • Optonal hydraulic quick hitch

• Isolated cab that is sealed and pressurized with reduced nois levels

• Optonal heated air-suspension seat with adjustable armrests • O-ring face seals for all hydraulic connectons • Compatbility with a vast range of JCB atachments

The JCB 260 retains the “PowerBoom” design, which uses a rather than the conventonal twin arm skid steer design. The dei the torque tube across the back of the machine, giving o unobstructed rear view and beter all-round visibility for greater confdence around the jobsite.

The simplifed design results in 38% fewer parts, JCB’s new generaton

machines are easier to service. Technicians will appreciate the improved access to the power train and hydraulic components made possible by the machine’s tltng cab. The new models also feature a rear service door for easy access to the engine and daily checkpoints, a top-opening hood with a hinged radiator for improved engine access.

The new generaton machines have a larger entry door and a 17% larger cab than previous generaton models and, the company says ‘33% larger than compettve brand machines’.

JCB has also introduced multfuncton joystck controls making these machines incredibly comfortable to operate. Operators will also enjoy a quieter cab with noise levels at a very low 76 dB(A), an 85% improvement. Optional is a heated, air-suspension seat with adjustable armrests

Switching atachments is easy because of a standard universal mechanical hitch or an optonal hydraulic quick hitch. Parallel lif and 2-speed optons make it easy to move around the job site and complete more tasks in less tme. For operatng over rough ground JCB has introduced an optonal Smooth Ride System (SRS), for safer, smoother transportng of materials over rough terrain.

The JCB 260 retains the unique lef side entry door that allows the operator to enter and exit the machine clear of the atachment and loader arm, making it the industry’s safest skid steer.

At a tme of rising fuel costs, customers will also appreciate the improved economy; overall fuel consumpton has been reduced for an estmated annual savings of 16%.

For more informaton: • JCB Waste & Recycling

Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 1 No 5

Wacker Neuson ideal for installing utility poles

The Cornwall based specialist contractor, E.J. Fry Transport & Plant Hire of Launceston, has recently added a pair of Wacker Neuson excavators to its feet in order to assist with the installaton of electricity poles across difcult terrain and in tght access areas. The two most recent machines consist of a 1703 and a triple boom 6003 weighing 2 tonne and 6 tonne respectvely. The smaller unit has been specifed with Wacker Neuson’s unique Vertcal Digging System (VDS) which enables the operator to hydraulically tlt the complete superstructure at the touch of a buton in order to keep it in the upright positon on gradients of up to 27%. This system was chosen by Mr. Fry because it is highly efectve for digging vertcal holes at minimum width on sloping ground.

The triple boom configuration of the 6003 also greatly helps when planting poles as it not only provides greater lift height but also makes it possible to work effectively when space is at a premium, even when handling poles up to 14 m in length.

For more informaton: Wacker Neuson

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