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Editorial Comment I

am getting cynical in my old age as I find that all too often politicians appear to be living in a parallel world in which things are always rosy - much as they were in the 1960s when the younger generation looked at the world through rose tnted glasses - now they just riot.

If we are to believe the politcians, the investment in infrastructure and energy schemes is opening up opportunities for the construction industry that the country has not seen for a long tme.

However, always scrimping on words, they fail to say that as grand as these schemes are they could be as much as 10 years away by which tme I hope to be deeply entrenched in retrement!

Listening to the various associatons that represent diferent aspects of the constructon and related industries, I get a completely diferent story.

As we report, the Construction Products Association says “If you examine the fgures in detail, they show that whilst private sector work has started to recover, it is nowhere near enough to offset the public spending cuts from the Comprehensive Spending Review. This quarter has seen public sector work fall by less than 1%, so there is plenty more contracton stll to come.”

The CBI is also quoted as saying “There is much to do if we are to secure the £200 billion of essential investment needed in our energy infrastructure, including a mix of nuclear, clean coal, gas and renewables.”

Do we have to wait untl the run up to the next electon to get the promised investments or will we see more spin. Have you notced how as many as 50% of potholes disappeared overnight? Its true, not that you will notced because they have been fxed ‘politcally’ by redefning a pothole as 4” deep instead of 2”.

And, just as you begin to think that things cannot get any worse, contractors and manufacturers are complaining at the lack of suitable educated people coming into the industry. The constructon industry is one in which you do not need a university degree and £30,000 debt to make a good professional career- you need experience gained by trudging muddy construction sites in all weathers, learning the ropes from those with years of experience. Work hard and you can get to the top.

Why do I enjoy the construction industry so much ? Because you can never be sure what tomorrow brings.

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