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counterweight. The crane is on hire through Mants Crane hire and is being operated by Sir Robert McAlpine.

This type of self erecting tower crane has been used round the world since 2007, however its application in this specifc occasion is new to Sellafeld. The crane has a relatvely small footprint of 4.5 m by 4.5 m which makes it an ideal candidate given the restricted constructon site available to the PFCS project. The crane stands 38 m high which ensures that it clears all surrounding buildings by a considerable margin, and it has a 40 m long jib which allows it to service both the retrievals and control room building. It can lif a maximum load of 6 tonnes but is limited to 2.25 tonnes on the PFCS project.

The crane arrived on the back of a lorry and took around 10 hours to become fully operatonal. It can be erected in wind speeds up to 22 mph and used for lifing operatons in wind speeds up to 30 mph.

Paul Nichol, PFCS facility manager: “Now that the crane is on site, its full speed ahead for the constructon of the PFCS Retrieval Facility superstructure and we’ve already started installing low level rebar and structural protecton.

“The job of decommissioning the PFCS poses quite a challenge and every effort is being made to accelerate the programme and empty the silo of its legacy waste.

“We’ve had people working on this since 1996 and we’ve also brought in expertse from our parent company Nuclear Management Partners (NMP) to help us come up with innovatve solutons to waste retrievals.”

The modules will provide the heart of the PFCS Retrieval Facility, which include equipment for the retrieval of the wastes from the silo and its subsequent packaging into 3 m³ waste boxes. The completed modules will be sloted into the skeleton superstructure in order to commence retrieval of the silo waste in 2017

Preparations begin for Silos Maintenance Facility

Preparations are being made at Sellafield for the new mult million pound Silos Maintenance Facility (SMF). The removal of up to 27,000 tonnes of rubble from the former site of the South Calder Hall Cooling Towers heralds the frst step in the on-site works of the SMF. Project Manager Kevin Bell said: “This is another significant milestone for the project, which will be built on the site of the Calder Hall south cooling towers that were demolished in 2007.

“Since gaining sancton to start the project, we have accelerated 3 months against the performance plan, have placed the main contract for des ign and are now making progress on the site.

“During the design process it can be difcult to see real progress, however, with the start of the site clearance work we have the physical evidence of progress for all to see.”

The work included breaking out the original Calder Hall cooling tower basin walls and floor foundation. All the concrete material was then crushed prior to transportng it to the North end of the Calder Hall site and used as infll on the former locaton of the two North cooling towers - not only making a start on the SMF project but also completng the land remediaton on the site of two of the Calder Hall Cooling Towers by removing the tower basins.

When completed, SMF will support the retrieval of historic waste from the Magnox Swarf Storage Silos (MSSS) and Pile Fuel Cladding Silo (PFCS). In partcular, it will help the MSSS Silo Emptying Plant (SEP) retrieval machines by facilitatng campaign tool changes, processing failed equipment, loading of new equipment and providing provision for testng of new equipment prior to deployment on the plant.

Anthony Hewetson, Operatons Manager for Decommissioning and Demoliton Operatons, said: “The Magnox Swarf Storage Silos and Pile Fuel Cladding Silo are priority decommissioning projects on the Sellafield site and this project will underpin the retrieval of historic nuclear wastes from these facilities. Sellafield Ltd is looking to accelerate the decommissioning of these plants. The completon of this frst stage of the Silo Maintenance Facility project ahead of the schedule bodes well for our contnued commitment to reducing high hazards on the Sellafeld Site.”

For more informaton: Sellafeld Ltd

Mants Cranes

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Preparatons begin for Silos Maintenance facilites

Acknowledgement to Sellafeld Ltd for assistance in compiling this report. All photos and video © Sellafeld Ltd

Page 13 - cwuk-1-5-interactive

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